South of the Border

Both my hubby and I made several trips up and down I-95 between DC and Florida as kids. On our first road trip south, we lamented that no matter how much we begged, our parents would never stop there.

“It’s a tourist trap!”, ” It’s so tacky!” They’d claim, which were the same exact arguements for pulling over.

So of course, now that we have kids, we stop every time we pass it. And that’s a lot, since most of my In-laws live in Georgia. I love it’s gaudiness, its horrid cultural insensitivity, the fact that its completely run down, and that only a third of the ‘attractions’ are actually ever open.  Every bit of the place oozes with character.  Plus the hotel is cheap and it has a cool indoor pool.


Misty Mountains

I never really thought about the phrase misty mountains until we moved to the Shenandoah. Most winter mornings when we wake up the house is in a literal cloud. And while it doesn’t attract tourists like the summer green, fall leaves or winter snow, there’s still an etheral beauty to be found in the bare trees and gray skies. Pictures here are from the woods around our house and the section of the Appalachian Trail behind our neighborhood.