Lent 2018


Rethink Church, an outreach of the United Methodist Church, organizes a photo challenge for Lent and Advent every year.  I use it as a Lectio Divina project as I read through the Daily Office readings found in the Book of Common Prayer, and it’s become one of my more meaningful spiritual practices. These are a few of my favorites here, but daily meditations connecting the words and pictures can be found on Instagram, or by following #rethinkchurch.


South of the Border

Few places on earth are as deliciously tacky and nostalgic as this place, a culturally insensitive rest stop where you can buy fireworks and trash on the I-95 North/South Carolina border.  Our parents generation saw it for what it was, and no one was ever allowed to stop here, despite 100 miles of punny billboards in either direction. Since we were banned from it as kids, my husband and I make a point of stopping here on the way to see his family, partially for the kitsch, but mostly for the cheap motor inn and warm pool. Just so happens that this weekend the light was perfect, and everyone but me wanted to go to the reptile house, so I snapped a few photos to catch it in its glory.

Misty Mountains

I never really thought about the phrase misty mountains until we moved to the Shenandoah. Most winter mornings when we wake up the house is in a literal cloud. And while it doesn’t attract tourists like the summer green, fall leaves or winter snow, there’s still an etheral beauty to be found in the bare trees and gray skies. Pictures here are from the woods around our house and the section of the Appalachian Trail behind our neighborhood.